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Bird Calls

The illustrations in this series were inspired by garden birds and the berries they love,

especially in winter when food is scarcer.


Hello Sunshine !

Sparrow & sunflowers

Happy Birds Day

Robin & purple berries

I Love You

Robin & American Beauty Berries


Bonjour !

Goldfinch & Sea Buckthorn

Hello !

Goldfinch & Sea Buckthorn

Morning Song

Starling & Cherry


Carpe Diem

Bullfinch & Yew berries

Just the Two of Us

Bullfinches & Yew berries

Love is All

Thrushes & Virginia creeper


Thinking of You

Blackbird & Mountain ash

Love Birds

Blackbirds & Mountain ash

Best Friends for Ever

Chickadees & Rosehips 

Art & Illustration

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